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QSC Q-Sys Core 250i/500i

Audio network processors

What is it?A pair of processors for networked audio applications in smaller venues.DetailsDesigned to bring the power and flexibility of the larger Q-Sys Cores to applications requiring fewer channels, the Core 250i and Core 500i can directly accommodate eight Q-Sys input and/or output cards for a total onboard capacity of 32 channels (more if AES or CobraNet cards are used). Channel count may be further expanded by the addition of Q-Sys I/O Frames and other peripheral devices. The Core 500i accommodates up to 128 network channels while the smaller Core 250i offers 64. I/O is selectable through the QSC’s range of Q-Sys I/O cards. Like all Q-Sys Cores, the operating platform uses a customised Linux system running on Intel microprocessors. Q-Sys also utilises QSC’s “IT-friendly” Layer-3 Gigabit Ethernet implementation and low-latency audio transport (fixed at 2.5ms) from any input to any output. Q-Sys cores are configured using an intuitive object-based drag and drop user interface allowing virtually any signal flow. Control logic objects are provided and custom scripting may also be used to accomplish a wide range of interface or control tasks. The design GUI is capable of quickly and easily generating graphical control screens that may be run on network-connected computers, tablet devices or QSC touch-screen controllers.And another thing…Q-Sys capabilities are further enhanced by QSC’s growing suite of peripheral devices including page stations, touch-screen controllers and specialised I/O cards.