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Question de Son Paris rocked by Amadeus

The studio seeks to capture "the much sought-after sound and vibes of classic 1970s studios" with Amadeus design and monitors

One of France’s leading new recording studios, Question de Son, enlisted Amadeus for the acoustic design and custom studio monitors for two of its three studios, A and B. The owners of Question de Son, Jordan Kouby and Frederic Vectol, invested in the equipment in order to capture “the much sought-after sound and vibes of classic 1970s studios”.

“Many recording studios try to face the record[ing] industry crisis by simplifying their installations: gear, maintenance, less investments – essentially ‘in the box’ mixing setups,” says Vectol. “At Question de Son studios, we resolutely try to go the other way. We build up vintage audio peripherals: our microphone collection goes from the 1940s to now and some of our musical instruments date from our grandparents’ generation.”

“We share the vision big studios had back in the 1970s – the golden era of recording studios,” adds Kouby. “At this time, there was no compromise. These studios everybody keeps talking about with nostalgia even today all shared common foundations: good acoustics, a huge mixing console, top-quality peripherals, a dedicated team of in-house engineers, and a lot of vibes. This is, for us, the most pertinent recipe to keep on making big records today.”

The studio, whose Amadeus setup was designed by Michel Deluc, has hosted artists such as Babyshambles, Martin Solveig, Elliott Murphy and Ayo.

“The studio’s acoustics were a priority for us; a matter we were not willing to compromise on,” says Kouby. “That’s why we called Michel Deluc. We had worked five years in our first studio, and we had especially understood how important acoustics and monitoring systems were in our control rooms. That’s why we asked Michel to design the main loudspeaker system and the acoustics together.”

“Studio B’s Amadeus monitors are really very interesting,” comments engineer Etienne Colin (The Artist, OSS 117, Jacques Dutronc). “They offer not only a high quality for passing-by label executives and customers, but also a high level of comfort for the mixer, all day long, without fatigue. Question de Son won their bet: close field speakers and big monitors are really coherent. And there’s never a bad surprise when we listen to our mixes elsewhere. A special mention is given to the ATC dome – always precise, never aggressive.”