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Radial appoints new senior design engineer

Craig Hutchinson joins the company as senior design engineer

Radial Engineering has appointed Craig Hutchinson to the role of senior design engineer.

He will join the team and be responsible for product management, as well as designing the latest in Radial Engineering products. 

Hutchinson has over 20 years of audio design experience, starting his career as a FOH mix engineer for the Guess Who and Burton Cummings. He then took the position of chief engineer at the Electric Lady Studios in New York, before working as the chief designer for Manley Labs, who is responsible for products such as the Massive Passive EQ, Variable MU, SLAM!, and VoxBox.

Other previous experiences include working under Rupert Neve at RND for five years, consulting and designing products for companies such as Fredenstein, Adamson, SSL, A-Designs, Waves, and BAE.

Hutchinson’s designs, as well as products have won more than fifteen TEC awards, and gained over twenty nominations. 

He has elaborated on his new role: “Like many working professionals, Radial has been on my radar for over 20 years. I’ve always respected the products and their quality. I took special interest in the company when I heard about the Key-Largo keyboard mixer and the new leadership of Mike Belitz. The company is propelling forward and I’m excited to be working with new products that leverage the latest technology while meeting the needs of professionals.”