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Radio France picks Yamaha Nuage for binaural mixing project

The public service broadcaster is using the mixing system to study binaural production methods, with the intention of making multi-channel mixes using a single set of headphones.

Radio France has invested in a Yamaha Nuage mixing system in a bid to further investigate and develop innovative new broadcast methods.

The French public service broadcaster delivers a wide range of news, information and entertainment via its six national stations and France Bleu, a network of 44 regional stations.

The studios and performance spaces of Paris’ Maison de la Radio – where Radio France is headquartered – have hosted many of the world’s leading artists and is home to Studio 104, one of the most historic and culturally significant broadcast venues in France.

In a nearby experimental studio Hervé Déjardin, from Radio France’s quality and innovation department, is using a Yamaha Nuage system to study the production, post-production and broadcast of programmes in binaural mode, with the intention of reproducing multi-channel spatial mixes for listeners using a single set of headphones. As part of the initiative, Hervé is working on a project to produce immersive plays using multi-channel audio.

He chose Steinberg Nuendo for managing the project and it was a straightforward decision to make this part of a complete Nuage system: “I am familiar with Nuendo and had two main reasons for using it on this project,” he said. “Firstly there was its ability to mix down to all necessary formats very quickly, meaning I can instantly check the compatibility of mixes and, secondly, the ease with which I can import OMF files containing montages from different productions on ProTools.

“Thanks to the direct and rapid access that Yamaha Nuage offers for managing automation and mixdowns, it was a very easy decision to use Nuage for system control. It is the perfect complement to Nuendo.”