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RadioTechCon launches new bursary schemes

The UK radio and audio industry's conference has introduced two bursary schemes to encourage underrepresented individuals to attend the event, taking place this year on Monday, November 26 at IET London, Savoy Place

RadioTechCon recently announced it will be providing two bursary schemes for individuals of different backgrounds, to ensure more underrepresented people will attend the conference – which is due to take place on Monday, November 26, 2018, at IET London in Savoy Place.

The bursary schemes are introduced in order to boost the numbers of people with different backgrounds – such as those with financial barriers – to attend the conference, which will discuss the future of audio, loudness standards for smart speakers, how to build a backup Emley Moor, how to create a touch-sensitive studio, and much more.

Meanwhile, the ‘Individual’ bursary will provide a free ticket to the event for those with financial barriers.

The ‘Organisation’ bursary has been awarded to the Student Radio Association, Community Media Association, and Sound Women Network. Each group was given three free tickets and will be able to provide them for its members.