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‘With EAW our presence in the US becomes much stronger’: RCF CEO on the firm’s latest acquisition

Daniel Gumble spoke to RCF vice chairman and CEO Arturo Vicari on the company's acquisition of EAW...

At the beginning of September, US loudspeaker specialist EAW become the latest brand to be shed by LOUD Audio since it was bought by Transom Capital Group 12 months ago, with Italian manufacturer RCF snapping up the iconic brand in a move that looks set to significantly strengthen its position on the global stage.

Over the past year, LOUD has divested a number of its lines in bid to concentrate its efforts on its Mackie brand, including the sale of amp manufacturer Ampeg to Yamaha back in May.

Commenting on the sale of EAW to RCF last month, Ty Schultz, managing partner at Transom Capital Group, explained: “Simplifying the LOUD business to focus on high quality audio delivery from consumers to professionals has always been the focus of our thesis. We are very happy to have found a great new owner for the EAW brand and wish everyone involved much success going forward.”

And it seems that EAW’s new owner had been keeping a close eye on the activities of its latest acquisition for some time. Indeed, the two companies had collaborated closely in the past, a relationship that, according to RCF vice chairman and CEO Arturo Vicari, made the two a perfect fit. 

“In recent years we have closely followed the market with the aim of expanding our Group, and we got in contact with Transom Capital,” he told PSNEurope. “This transaction made sense for both parties. In the early days of EAW, the two companies were already cooperating. RCF was supplying transducers to EAW and both brands kept growing, becoming important players in the pro audio market worldwide. Their histories were intertwined several times.”

For Vicari, RCF will provide the ideal infrastructure to develop EAW’s offering and expand its reach across the globe, whilst bolstering the Italian firm’s market position.

“RCF Group is one of the fastest growing players in the pro audio business,” he continued. “EAW will be able to count on the necessary investment in order to reinforce the organisation, to continue expanding the product offering and to improve the service and support to its customers. It’s is a great brand that means a lot to its customers and to the market. Its prestige will bring an additional value to our group. Ever since the announcement we have been submerged by positive comments, proof of the high consideration carried by the EAW and RCF organisations.

“RCF Group has very good positioning and brand recognition in the US and is growing fast. With the addition of EAW, the presence of our group in the US becomes much stronger.”

He continued: “The industry is more and more competitive and it is important to react quickly to market demand and be able increasingly to offer complete solutions. Investment is constantly required to update products, technological solutions and service.” On the subject of what the acquisition means for EAW staff, Vicari confirmed not only that there will be no redundancies, but that the company would be looking to increase its workforce.

“All the EAW staff were extremely positive about this move,” he commented. “They are all very motivated and confident, recognising a great opportunity in front of them. We will progressively need to expand our staff to support the growth as we expect it.” As for the immediate future of the EAW, Vicari said that the company will continue to operate independently of RCF and that investment in the brand would get underway imminently.

“The brand will absolutely remain EAW and will continue to act as an independent company,” he concluded. “[Our immediate plans for the brand are to allocate the necessary resources for product development and strengthen the organisation.”