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RCF celebrates 70th anniversary

RCF Group CEO Arturo Vicari emphasised the fact that what RCF had really been selling this past 70 years was “emotion”

RCF recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, the victorious evening dubbed ‘A Night in Laguna’ and located at the Arsenale di Venezia (Venice Arsenal).

A 45-minute boat journey along the waterway delivered nearly 500 RCF distributors, dealers, and customers to the famous old 16th-century complex.

RCF Group CEO Arturo Vicari was introduced to spontaneous applause, and in his speech, he emphasised the fact that what RCF had really been selling this past 70 years was “emotion”.

Vicari went on: “In addition to often overused words like “passion” and “emotion”, I would suggest another word that best encapsulates the ethos of RCF: “humanity”. For that seems to be the collective noun that best fits this Reggio Emilia-based company.”

He then announced that RCF would be celebrating its milestone in the company of Andrea Bocelli, “one of the most loved and appreciated voices in the world.”

Andrea Bocelli

The tenor took the stage with a 69-piece orchestra conducted by Carlo Bernini and for the next 60 minutes-plus guests were treated to their own private recital of populist light opera. Bocelli first introduced the Cuban soprano Maria Aleida, who performed while mimicking Offenbach’s “Bambola” (the Doll)—her strings “pulled” to various vocal incantations and ululations. Later appeared magical Ukrainian principal violinist Anastasiya Petryshak, and another regular of Andrea Bocelli’s ensemble Italian singer, Ilaria Della Bidia, who can perform in ten languages.

The concert also brought the best out of RCF’s cleverly designed PA. RCF Engineering Support Group (ESG) pro staff’s central cluster design met the specific rider requirements of the artist’s technician and achieved pristine sound reinforcement.

This cluster comprised ten HDL 26-A in curved line array configuration, with single L/R TT2-A sidefills giving width to the image. A straight line of seven TT10-A, electronically curved using RDNet, provided front fills, while a large complement of 13 SUB 9006-A in a straight line, was also fully optimised due to the curve electronically created in RDNet. Stage monitoring was provided by the artist’s production.

Mixing Andre Bocelli’s vocals and the soloists on a DiGiCo SD7 was Andrea Taglia, the artist’s long term FOH engineer. He also received a separate orchestra mix created on a second SD7, piloted by another long-term collaborator, Francesco La Camera.

In conclusion, Vicari stressed how much the company owed its success to its loyal distributor network, and that RCF has always been run like a social democracy.