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RCF new products to be revealed at ISE 2019

The products are new models of RCF's MR Monitor Series and HDL line array enclosures, now to be called ‘HDL Systems’ to signify its complete upgrade

RCF will be showcasing new models of its MR Monitor Series and HDL line arrays at ISE 2019 in Hall 7.

The MR Monitor series has undergone some restyling and has been upgraded to produce improved sound. It is made from self-extinguishing plastic, and used for speech and music reproduction in all A/V applications, bars and restaurants, leisure hospitality, recreational facilities, theme parks, shopping malls and any audio monitoring facilities, both indoor and outdoor.

To accommodate such wide usage RCF has launched eight models — with different sizes and power handling, each coming with and without line transformer, and in black or white. 

The new models are the MR40/40T/40W/40TW 40 W 2-way bass reflex speakers and the MR50/50T/50W/50TW 50 W 2-way bass reflex speakers. These are now sold in pairs, with special bracketry designed for wall mounting, either individually or in fours. They all use purpose designed 1” voice coil woofers and 0.8” voice coil dome tweeters, combined with RCF Low Inductance Compensated Crossover (LICC). Other features of the MR40 include passive filter 12 dB/octave, with crossover frequency 3kHz; bass reflex @ 80 Hz, low impedance or constant voltage lines. The MR50 is similar but with bass reflex @ 65 Hz.

RCF’s HDL line array range has introduced two new models that include the latest edition of RDNet, RCF’s proprietary monitoring and the management platform, onboard.

The HDL 26-A is a development of the HDL 6-A and is a double 6” device with a mighty 3” compression driver (rather than the 1” CD found in the HDL 6-A). The recently developed 2000W Class-D amplifier has replaced the 1400W amplifier. Also new to the series is the HDL 28-A, which has made improvements to the HDL 10-A, and is suitable for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. The woofer is a 2 x 8” device, with a 2.5” voice coil and a 2200W Class-D amplifier, making it capable of much more bottom end, clear mids and low distortion, and vocal intelligibility.

These products mark a huge development from its previous HDL line array enclosures, as only the cabinets remain the same. RCF has re-engineered the speakers as a new system, and these will now be known as ‘HDL Systems’ to signal their difference and inclusion of RDNet. By using more powerful woofers, they feature a significant extension in the low end, while the larger compression drivers will deliver a higher SPL and less distortion for increased intelligibility, which is essential on professional applications.

RDNet 3.2 enables design of the arrays inside the management software, the new Bass Shaper function allows adjustment of the line array low frequencies, and the Air Compensation function corrects the system response in real-time.