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RCF TTS speakers now more versatile with single woofer cabinets

The new speakers are now shipping

RCF’s speakers for touring and theatre productions are now available with active single woofer cabinets, in 15” and 18” size. 

The system focuses on transduction and removing unwanted distortions and alterations in sound reproduction while reaching high SPL both indoor and outdoor. 

The single woofer cabinet is ideal for scalable systems, especially when used on a RDNet network, to simplify the set-up for an extended range of rental or fixed installations. Both the speakers feature a new design for the vented port reducing air turbulence.

The amplifier integrates a low-noise 32 bit DSP circuit, controlled through the RCF exclusive RDNet network to easily handle the soft clipping limiters, RMS limits, polarity, amplitude, timing and equalisation. All the settings, monitoring and advanced features are available inside the integrated RDNet Networked Management software. The available encoder on the back adjusts volume, delay and presets.

The RCF TT+ cabinets are made of high-quality birch plywood with weatherproof treatments. The subs are stackable and light-weight, for an easy set-up and tear down. A pole receptacle on top and side allows the use of the woofer in various configurations. The polyurea coating and the rugged structure of the cabinet survive long-term use and transportation and the separate housing for the amplifier guarantee the best components efficiency and reliability.

For more information, visit RCF’s website.