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Reeds Festival sees reggae rhythm provided by NEXT-proaudio

Swiss service provider Different Productions supplied the kit

Reeds Festival will see reggae bands Julian Marley & The Uprising, Bitty McLean, Desorden Público, Kalles Kaviar, Marla Brown, The Kinky Coo Coo’s and Treesha featuring Denham Smith & Soulions play in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.

Audio service provider Different Productions opted for a NEXT-proaudio LA122 line array system, Lam115 stage monitors and X-line as side fill and front fill.

The team erected 18 LA122 and 4 Las118 and 10 Las418 subs were then ground stacked. Stage monitoring was also delivered by NEXT-proaudio, comprising 12 units LAm115 stage monitors, 2 LAs218 sub with two X212 cabinets on top, while two X12 cabinets provided front-fill.