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Remic Microphones Kickstarter coming 5 January

The Danish company is the latest pro-audio manufacturer to jump on the crowdfunding bandwagon with a new mic for brass and woodwind instruments

Remic Microphones is the latest pro-audio manufacturer to jump on the crowdfunding bandwagon with a Kickstarter campaign, launching on 5 January 2016, for its new W3000 mic for brass and woodwind instruments.

“We want to put the development of new microphones in the hands of artists, sound engineers and everyone with a love for music,” explains Remic founder Thorkild Larsen. “[Crowdfunding is] all about empowering the musician-to-technician relationship during the development phase through direct feedback on the crowdfunding platform.”

The W3000 is based on a pre-polarised condenser microphone element in conjunction with Remic’s PFM (Proximity Field Microphone) technology, which ensures the sound of an instrument is captured within the nearfield range of the signal source.

The W3000’s omnidirectional polar pattern “does not cause any phase disturbance, and therefore no colouring to the captured sound”, says Larsen. It is designed to be mounted directly on the bell of the instrument, “enabl[ing] the microphone to capture the natural overtone register, as well as suppressing interference noises”. It is suitable for use in both live environments and the studio.

PSNEurope profiled Remic Microphones in our January 2015 issue, in which Larsen explained his vision for “the best suppression of acoustic feedback ever achieved” with its line of near-invisible microphones for classical musical instruments and vocals.

To be notified when the campaign goes live, sign up at The first buyers will receive a 50 per cent discount on their W3000s.