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Renkus-Heinz helps the show go on at Polish Theatre

The ST Series loudspeaker system was installed

The history of the Polish Theatre in Wrocław, the largest city in western Poland, has been eventful. It was built in 1909 but suffered severe damage during World War II and then experienced extensive devastation by fire in the mid 1990s. But the venue has continued to be a mainstay of the country’s artistic community. Now Renkus-Heinz is helping it to move into a new era courtesy of an ST Series loudspeaker system.

Live music, theatre and other live performances continue to populate the Polish Theatre’s busy calendar in 2017. To ensure that the audio in the theatre’s largest space remains fit for purpose for its diverse engagements, the venue operators recently enlisted the services of The M.Ostrowski Company.

It’s technical director Łukasz Toboła explains the configuration. “We have double Renkus-Heinz self-powered ST4R94 active loudspeakers for the left and right proscenium arch clusters; a double active ST4R44 for the central cluster; and STR4L and STR5L units,” he reports. “The ST4L loudspeakers on the rear walls are for effects on the orchestral level, first balcony and second balcony.”

Nearly 50 compact speakers from the PN Series – ranging from stage monitors and active cabinets to passive speakers – were also specified for the upgrade.