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Renkus-Heinz completes Paypal HQ’s AV system

The system includes a Dante network with a pair of Renkus-Heinz IC Live ICL-F-DUAL-RD digitally steerable line arrays and two Renkus-Heinz PN212-SUB dual 12-inch subwoofers

The PayPal HQ, in San Hose, California, recently added an outdoor meeting space with full AV capabilities, including Renkus Heinz digitally steerable line arrays.

Conference Technologies Inc. is the contractor and installer of the new system. CTI has a long relationship with PayPal, designing and installing systems in more than 600 PayPal conference rooms throughout North America.

PayPal’s San Jose campus comprises eight buildings, with a large outdoor space in the middle equipped with an outdoor kitchen and seating area. The company wanted to upgrade the space with a high-quality AV system and turn it into a community gathering place for meetings and corporate events.

“As with most installations, this one had unique challenges, especially with regard to audio,” reported CTI design consultant Josh Keller, who oversaw the system design and installation. “We needed versatility, including high intelligibility with relatively low volume. Renkus-Heinz digitally steerable arrays enabled us to direct the sound precisely, minimising reflections off of the surrounding buildings and preventing sound from interfering with people’s work, especially during the day.”

Keller specified a Dante network, employing a pair of weatherproof Renkus-Heinz IC Live ICL-F-DUAL-RD digitally steerable line arrays. The arrays were paired with two Renkus-Heinz PN212-SUB dual 12-inch subwoofers and were installed on either side of a 16 x 10-foot Planar CLO Series LED video wall to create an AV system for movie nights, corporate messages, and meetings.

Each ICL-F-DUAL-RD array employs five 6.5-inch cone transducers and three 1-inch compression drivers per module. Vertical opening angles can be defined for up to eight steerable beams, which can be individually aimed in software. Vertical pattern control can be steered up or down from -30° to +30°, with beam control effective down to 400 Hz. Horizontal dispersion is 150° up to 3 kHz and 120° above 3 kHz.

Keller continued: “Beam steering gave us the focus we needed in critical areas, and still allowed us to achieve high coverage and punch. With multiple beams, we could get a long throw to reach the people in back without blasting the people in front.”

The new AV system is a central hub for PayPal; since it is implemented over an IP network, everything can be transmitted anywhere in the campus. A Biamp Tesira SERVER-IO AVB configurable audio DSP with a SIC-4 four channel input card, SOC-4 four channel output card, and DAN-1 Dante card manages the system, while Crestron touch screens provide user control. Digital traffic is handled by a Cisco 48-port gigabit PoE managed switch. For larger productions, a Midas M32-R digital mixer with Dante expansion module can be rolled out and easily patched into the network.

The new system at PayPal headquarters is now up and running. “Our representative came in and commissioned the system quickly,” Keller concluded. “Everyone is pleased with the sound and capabilities of the new meeting area at PayPal.”