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RH Consulting releases major update to voice alarm guide

Originally released six years ago, the guide covers all applications where VA systems are likely to be installed.

RH Consulting has launched a major new edition of its guide to voice alarm systems. Originally released six years ago, the 200 page guide covers all applications where VA systems are likely to be installed, including stadia, public buildings, nightclubs, theatres, transport hubs, shopping centres and beyond.

The guide also covers standards in Europe, Australia and the USA as well as delivering comprehensive information on the industry-changing topic of EN54.

“We wrote the book on two levels,” says RH Consulting founder, Roland Hemming. “For those new to the subject it gives a comprehensive overview on how voice alarm systems work and how to understand the different standards. For the experienced practitioner it offers detailed information and tables to allow you to cross-reference what different standards say on each issue.”

RH Consulting notes that one of the most useful features of the book is an interactive guide to help readers work out what standards to use for voice alarm projects across the world using a simple decision tree.

“This is the first time that such a task has been carried out,” adds RH Consulting’s Richard Northwood. “Rather than embroil the reader in the usual confusion over which standard to use, we have clarified and explained why you should use which standard on which project.”

The book is available for download worldwide via the iTunes bookstore for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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