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RIVAGE PM10 is the smARTec choice for Swiss rental company

The company has used Yamaha digital consoles for over ten years, investing in its first M7CL-48 in 2006

As Yamaha celebrates 30 years since it produced the world’s first digital mixer, two of the company’s RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing system were delivered to Swiss live production company smARTec Veranstaltungstechnik AG in late 2016.

smARTec has used Yamaha digital consoles for over ten years, investing in its first M7CL-48 in 2006. Since then it has expanded its inventory over time to include more M7CLs, as well as LS9s, 01V96s, PM5Ds and multiple CL series consoles.

Mark Steinemann from smARTec’s says: “When we started growing the corporate event side of our business, we found that (Yamaha digital consoles) gave us very analytical, accurate audio tools to work with, matching demands for clarity and high speech intelligibility. Another big advantage is that we don’t have to train freelance engineers on the desks. Yamaha is a very well known brand in the Swiss corporate sector and the majority of the sound engineers already know them.”

In the autumn of 2016, smARTec was asked to service a large scale production which featured a mixed orchestra playing classical, world and pop music. Nearly 100 inputs were needed, along with high demands in terms of audio quality, signal distribution and the number of outputs. It also required a monitor system for 22 IEM mixes, plus ten more on wedges and sidefills.

“Demands on our systems were growing in general and on some events the CL consoles were reaching the limit of their capacity. We had already talked about investing in RIVAGE PM10, but this production brought the process forward and we invested in two complete 96 input systems,” says Steinemann.

Although the RIVAGE PM10 systems only arrived in late 2016, smARTec has already used them on a number of productions and they are booked for events in 2017.

“We produced a private event in an ice stadium in December which had two stages fed from one FoH console,” says Mark. “Using RIVAGE PM10 meant we could take advantage of the twin stereo mixes and separate matrixing to the two PAs, without the need of a dedicated system desk for each one. The channel count also rose very quickly during the planning of the event and signal distribution over TWINLANe was very easy with fibre optic and the RPio 622 I/O Racks.”