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Roland UA-25EX

What is it?A 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface fitted with professional-grade microphone preamps. DetailsThe UA-25EX incorporates a newly-developed analogue compressor/limiter with variable attack times and threshold control. The dual mic preamps include XLR/TRS combo jacks with 48V phantom power and the unit is also fitted with Hi-Z inputs, S/PDIF optical I/O and ground-lift switching. XLR inputs are rated at -60dBu to -20dBu, while the ¼” TRS jacks can handle signals from -36dBu to +4dBu. The UA-25EX is USB powered and shielded against high-frequency interference from other electrical components. Frequency response is quoted at 20Hz – 20kHz (-1dB) at 44.1kHz rising to 20Hz – 40kHz (-2dB) at 96kHz. The UAX-25EX is bundled with Production Plus Pack software from Cakewalk By Roland – described as a feature-rich recording software bundle consisting of Sonar LE, Project 5 LE, and Dimension LE for PC-based recording. The CD-ROM also includes the latest ASIO, WDM, and MME drivers for Windows XP and Vista (32-bit versions), plus CoreAudio drivers for Mac OSX.