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Rookes produces second song on YouTube series #popnotpop

Rookes is tracking the production of her debut album via YouTube


Rookes, the artist/producer that recently launched a YouTube series – #popnotpop – that chronicles the making of her debut album, has completed the second song on the record. And you can witness the making of it yourselves via YouTube. This is ideal for anyone attempting to write and produce music themselves and is wondering how musicians go about this, as well as already established musicians who want a glimpse into someone else’s creative process…

Rookes said of the second song, which is called ‘Pervertere’: “I was aware that following up a song about feminism with a song about kink might raise a few eyebrows, but working on a song about an often poorly portrayed aspect of human sexuality felt thrilling and stretching in a positive way. Kink is a broad term but in reality, works out to be as unique as people’s individual brains are, so I wanted to keep the feel of the production composition as unique to my own experience.

“Consequently, this is an intense track, and starts around the experience of one relationship, but expands into broader, darker themes that build on that experience rather than being taken directly from it. Although much of the lyrical content – the metaphor of the matador in particular – is drawn from my own experience, even some lyrics are lifted verbatim from conversations.

“Kink itself is given subversive connotations, and it’s that idea of subversiveness or that feeling of danger that I wanted to play on. So, the structure of the track is very kick drum-heavy, with rolling kicks rather than a snare. The bulk of the synth is divided between heavy, low end electronic swells and higher, more bell-like presets. Additionally, there is some fuzz-heavy lead guitar and gothic, choir presets to punctuate the momentum of the track and add poignancy in strategic places.”

Catch up on the making of the first song, as well as an intro to the series, here.