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Rosewood Studios opens in Surrey

The new studio is now open for business.

Rosewood Studios, a brand new purpose built facility in Redhill, Surrey, is now open for business.

The studio features a modern control room equipped with the latest gear and a large five metre-high live room. An Audient ASP8024 HE console is supplemented by a full rack of high-end mic preamps, as well as a selection of outboard gear from the likes of Neve, SSL, Manley, Chandler, API, Thermionic Culture and Prism Sound. It also has a range of mic pres and a mic collection comprising 10 Neumann models, Coles and Samar ribbons and all the usual dynamic mics that you’d expect for a professional grade tracking studio.

Main monitoring comes by virtue of ATC SCM100ASL, Neumann KH310A, and Avantone Mixcubes and there’s a Livemix AD24 system for foldback. It has the latest Pro Tools HD with 32 channels of AVID HD I/O and the Audient has a DLC section for DAW control.

“I wanted to create a space that focuses solely on the musician and the music itself,” said Edward Scull, owner of Rosewood. “Our mantra is to create an optimum space for creativity to flourish. As soon as you walk through the door the outside world stops, there are no distractions, a nod to the studios we had back in the day.”

“My studio and vision is centred on having the best sounding live room possible that also feels great to be in. The benefits of this are two-fold – obviously to get a great sounding recording, but even more so that the musicians will respond to being in a good acoustic space, allowing them to achieve their best possible performance. There’s nothing less inspiring than recording in a completely dead booth!” added Scull. The studio was installed by Studio Creations and acoustically designed by Chris Walls of Level Acoustic Design. “The whole team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing was too much trouble and I was never told that an idea was impossible.”

The studio is housed alongside Scull’s percussion hire company, which features an extensive collection of drums and percussion including full orchestral percussion, latin percussion and many weird and wonderful sound FX.There are also over 20 drum kits and over 50 snare drums to choose from. The live room also houses a beautiful 115-year old Weber Grand Piano.

Rosewood offers a wide range of services, from dry studio hire to a comprehensive service, including setup, gear, instruments, backline etc. as well as finer details like catering and travel/accommodation. Rosewood is also able to offer remote services including overdub sessions through to writing/arranging/recording without clients actually needing to attend the studio if necessary.