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Scandec is new Norway distributor for DiGiCo

The audio and AV supplier was established in 1984 by Knut Børke and Håkon Rønning

Audio and AV supplier Scandec Systemer has been appointed the exclusive distributor for DiGiCo products in Norway.

“DiGiCo is a great complement to our existing product mix,” says Håkon Rønning, sales director and co-founder (with Knut Børke) of Scandec. “DiGiCo consoles have great quality and functionality, and we will see to it that Norwegian sound engineers will be supported well.

“Norwegian DiGiCo users are very happy with their investments, and we look forward to including many more from our Scandec user network.”

The first order delivered by Scandec was am SD10, an SD8-24 and a fully equipped SD7 system with twin engines and HMA optics, for a live indoor venue for TV channel TV Visjon Norge in Drammen. The SD7 at TV Vision Norge will be available to the entire Scandinavian rental market.

“We’re delighted to have Scandec represent the DiGiCo brand in Norway,” says DiGiCo’s Tim Shaxson. “We knew they were the right choice, and the fact that they have already made sales to such prestigious end-users confirms that.”

(Pictured, L–R, is Scandec Systemer’s John Idar Bakke, product manager, pro audio; Håkon Rønning, sales director, pro audio; and Asbjørn Boyesen, sales, pro audio.)