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‘A new income stream for rental firms’: Second Warehouse introduces CashBack service

The new feature means rental companies will earn money when renting equipment in.

Online-based cross-rental platform Second Warehouse has introduced a new CashBack feature to its service, designed to enable rental companies to earn money from hiring in pro AV equipment.

CashBack provides its users with up to three per cent cash back against the amount they spend on equipment hire within the system. All users will receive two per cent cash back on the total value of rentals they make. That percentage will rise to 2.5 per cent cash back after a user has either made 10 rentals or entered at least 50 qualifying items into their own Second Warehouse inventory. After 20 rentals or entering at least 100 qualifying items into their inventory, users will benefit from the full three per cent cash back. The cash payouts will occur twice per year, providing users with the time to accumulate a bi-annual lump sum.

“Our users will quite easily rent tens of thousands worth of gear each month, so with CashBack of up to three per cent, accumulated over the course of six months, they can expect to see significant returns when payouts occur,” said Second Warehouse founder, Stuart Kerrison. “Equipment cross-hire has long been a life-line method of making money within the rental sector. Now with the introduction of CashBack, we’re making it possible to make money even when you hire equipment in.”

The introduction of CashBack is one of several new features designed to make life easier for rental companies and sound professionals. Upcoming additions include the ability to simultaneously compare rental quotes from multiple suppliers, and to search for equipment at the touch of a button via the new Second Warehouse Gear Finder service.

Also new is SOS Mode, which has been designed specifically for those moments on the road when equipment fails and a replacement has to be located as quickly as possible. Anyone who activates SOS Mode will be able to instantly send an equipment request via email and SMS to every Pro AV supplier within the local area to find the gear they need within 12 hours. With CashBack, they’ll even make money on the deal.

“When we launched six months ago, Second Warehouse promised to revolutionise the pro AV rental sector, and I believe that these features, especially CashBack and SOS Mode, are very significant steps towards delivering exactly that,” adds Kerrison. “CashBack offers an entirely new income stream for rental companies and our wider users. It has never been done before and it means that if you hire AV equipment through any means other than Second Warehouse, you’re literally throwing money away.”

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