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Web-based rental platform Second Warehouse set to ‘revolutionise’ the pro AV industry

The new web-based platform allows sub-hire between pro AV rental companies, creating new revenue opportunities throughout the AV industry

A new web-based rental service for the pro AV industry is now open to European users.

Second Warehouse is a web-based database for rental companies searching for AV equipment. It aims to be a faster, more cost-efficient way for rental companies to negotiate equipment and arrange transport with suppliers, with a direct messaging feature for effective communication.

The process for the hirer is free (the supplier is charged a small percentage commission). Companies are also able to select up to two ‘preferred users’, which they can trade with on Second Warehouse without any commission to pay.

Founder and touring engineer Stuart Kerrison said: “I’ve worked for many top professional rental companies and pro audio manufacturers, and along with my colleagues, and with valuable input from professionals in the rental business, I’ve drawn on my own experience in developing Second Warehouse to make pro AV sub-hire easy. I know how important cross-rental is and also what a time-wasting drag it can be, because I’ve been the guy spending hours on the phone, calling friends in the hope of finding that one bit of gear I need for a show. Second Warehouse solves those headaches and lost hours, while making sure that your equipment is always out being used and earning you money.”

The platform is completely web-based and works on all devices from mobile to tablet to desktop.

“Second Warehouse has the potential to fundamentally change how the rental sector functions, ensuring that companies of all sizes are able to trade with one another in absolute confidence, so everyone does better business,” added Kerrison. “No one got into this business to spend tedious hours on the phone or writing emails. Second Warehouse gets rid of all that so you can get back to doing what you really love – putting on great shows and making money while you do it!”

Expansion into the US and Asia is scheduled between July and September (Q3 2018).

For more information and to sign up visit

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