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Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro

Wireless speaker system

What is it?A wireless speaker system for voice and music offering user-friendly operation via a dedicated app.DetailsDesigned to obviate the need for cabling, the LSP 500 Pro can be used in systems of up to 20 speakers and remotely controlled from a mobile device such as an iPad running the dedicated app provided. According to Sennheiser, this significantly reduces the amount of time needed to set up and brake down a PA system and makes it the ideal choice for events such as meetings, galas or press conferences. Said to deliver excellent audio quality for optimum speech intelligibility, the LSP 500 Pro is also suitable as a music delivery system with a built-in player (with a record function) allowing direct connection via USB input or Bluetooth. Within a multi-speaker system, any speaker can be defined as the master device and wirelessly connected to the others. Using external WLAN control, the LSP 500 Pro app provides the functions of a hardware system manager such as volume, delay and EQ. The app also includes configurations for both individual and groups of speakers as well as audio sources. Each unit features a combined 6.3mm jack/XLR-3 connector for wired microphones, an auxiliary input and output plus a USB connector and Bluetooth interface. Incorporating a dual battery design (of which only one is used at a time), the system is capable of up to seven hours continuous operation.And another thing…Compatible with microphones from Sennheiser’s Evolution wireless 100, 300 and 500 series, the LSP 500 Pro can house up to three separate receivers.