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‘Shure Distribution UK’ rebrands as ‘Shure UK’

The rebranding comes with Shure’s renewed focus on the UK in order to sustain business growth, with an aim to invest substantially in sales and marketing

Shure has announced a change to its official business name “Shure Distribution UK”, becoming “Shure UK.”

The rebranding signifies a renewed focus on Shure’s success in the UK, moving efforts away from third party brands. This is in order to sustain the business growth that occurred after adopting a vertical market strategy in 2013. 

Shure’s rebranding and refocusing will increase its capacity for value-added services, as well as deepening end-client engagement and developing more rewarding programs for valued channel partners.

Rob Lackey, company director of Shure UK, commented: “After more than 50 years as a multi-brand distributor, Shure has grown significantly globally and in the UK, allowing us to refocus on UK business activities for continued growth in the years ahead. 

“The removal of distribution from our trading title is also necessary to accurately reflect the diverse range of business activity that is critical to our future success. We continue to invest heavily in sales and marketing across all three vertical markets while increasingly delivering best-in-class training to our clients and the broader industry.”

In line with its increasing commitment to the UK market, Shure recently acquired TES Electronic Solutions in Edinburgh, greatly extending the companies engineering capacity within the UK.