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Wireless receivers

What is it?A pair of dual and quad channel receivers for Shure’s ULX-D digital wireless microphone system.DetailsThe dual-channel ULXD4D and quad-channel ULXD4Q 1U receivers feature individual gain controls, LED meters and XLR outputs for each channel. They also include two new features designed to simplify configuring of a large number of systems: selecting High Density mode enables up to 63 ULX-D systems to operate in just 8MHz bandwidth with a 30m working range. It also optimises the system’s output power and digital RF filtering to reduce its spectral footprint from 350kHz to 125kHz, with no loss of sound quality. This allows tuning of ULX-D systems to frequencies much closer together without interference. ULXD4D and ULXD4Q receivers are also equipped with integrated Dante digital audio networking designed to allow multiple channels of audio to be distributed to a variety of devices over a single Ethernet cable, including Yamaha’s new CL Series consoles. (Dante networking provides reliable, low-latency audio transport and can coexist safely on the same network as IT and control data.) Additional features include bodypack frequency diversity, “reliable and intelligent” battery recharging and digital encryption.And another thing…In Standard mode, up to 22 ULX-D systems can operate within 8MHz.