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Sigma Broadcast SpotOn

What is it?A real-time audio playback application which allows a computer to become a “multi-faceted” cart machine for broadcast applications. DetailsSpotOn offers playout of up to 320 cues of audio in any one session, with the capacity for unlimited sessions. Using analogue and digital multi-output sound interfaces, SpotOn can play multiple cues from different outputs simultaneously with fade in and fade out functions plus numerous other features. Touch screen triggering, GPI and MIDI triggers are all possible, and there’s also an option to follow SMPTE time code from a video switcher’s RS422 port for real-time SFX.SpotOn supports multiple stereo and 5.1 surround sound outputs and is fully compatible with WAV, BWAV, AIFF, MP3, MP2, WMA, Flac and Ogg file formats. It incorporates a CD ripper and database look-up facility and offers 6-channel interleaved WAV file playback for 5.1 surround sound files plus 16, 24 and 32-bit file support. Cues can be played via mouse, keyboard, touch screen, X-Key remote pads, GPI’s, MIDI, timecode or network sources and the system allows customisable screen layouts – ranging from 1 to 80 buttons per page – and multiple pages.Each user may have his or her own setup/layout, and button text and colour are fully editable. In addition, audio gain, pan, fade in/out, output channel and speed are adjustable per button and each button can generate MIDI notes to trigger external graphics or lighting desks. Master/slave configuration of buttons allows for certain tracks to either play or stop other cues and machines may share audio and setup information via standard Windows TCP/IP networking.