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SIS Live pairs up with ABS Network to expand sports coverage in Middle East

Connectivity specialist SIS Live has paired up with ABS Network to expand sports broadcast coverage in the Middle East.

SIS Live has assisted ABS, one of the largest broadcast services in the Middle East and North Africa, with setting up equipment and crews overseas.

As part of the mutually-beneficial agreement, ABS purchase satellite capacity from SIS Live across its multiple lease capacity.

“The sport events industry is thriving in the Middle East and countries in the region are now among the premier venues for major global championships,” said ABS President Mohammed al Ajlouni (pictured).

“The prestige and calibre of these world-class events warrants coverage that is of equally high quality. SIS Live is the ideal partner for our organisation – we share common areas of expertise and our collaboration has enabled millions of viewers to enjoy quality coverage of premier sporting events,” al Ajlouni continued.

To date, ABS has worked with SIS Live on the coverage of high profile events in Dubai, Oman, Doha and Istanbul.

ABS deploys SNG trucks and leverages fully redundant HD systems to cover high profile events across the region, enabling SIS Live to save costs associated with transporting equipment and crews to remote locations.

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