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Snell Sirius 830

What is it?A large-scale router offering flexible control options and high-performance modules for applications including edit suites, OB trucks and playout facilities. DetailsPart of the Sirius 800 series of multi-format expandable routers, the 16RU Sirius 830 offers a compact 288 x 288 frame size for mid- to large-scale studio or OB productions, with the ability to add an additional groups of 144 independently controllable outputs for connection to Snell’s MV-Series or any third-party multi-viewer solution. As with all routers in the Sirius 800 family, the Sirius 830 features high-performance crosspoint modules for flexible routing of SD, HD, ASI, 3Gbps and embedded audio signals.
 Optional redundant crosspoints use intelligent path monitoring, which in the event of a failure can automatically switch to the redundant path and issue a user alarm through Snell’s system-wide Centra control and monitoring application. An intuitive touch-screen interface on the 830’s front panel allows quick and easy access to a comprehensive range of status and diagnostic information. This can be linked to Snell’s Centra system, allowing remote access, or through the Centra rules engine for automatic re-routing of signals making the routing system effectively self-healing.Snell’s Catsii technology provides immediate indication of router input and output status, and four independent monitoring outputs enable users to monitor signal health at both the input and output stages. 
 800 Series routers offer a range of different frames and card configurations based on a common card format and a 576 x 576 matrix size, incorporated into an expandable frame. The design is said to offer fast, simple, field expandability up to 1152 x 1152 by linking two frames together via multi-way cables. No other external splitters or combiners are required and the system can be expanded whilst in use. By adding a third frame, routers in excess of 1152 x 1152 can be created.