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Soho studio upgrades Dolby Atmos system to rival major US mix stages

Post-production studio Halo has further upgraded its Dolby Atmos installation to align its facilities with those of major US mix stages.

The Soho-based facility has upgraded its DFC mixing system to v11 DFC4D, helping to bring Dolby mixing to a wider client base beyond film.

A 24 fader Avid S6 M40 mixing console has also been integrated into the existing DFC surface, providing access for DAW control for a hybrid mixing experience.

“We seized the opportunity to do the Atmos installation at relatively short notice, so didn’t have much time to think about anything other than the main build at the time!” said Richard Addis, Halo’s head of audio operations.

“Since the studio relaunch, we’ve turned our sights to the one major aspect which wasn’t addressed as part of the main build, namely the mixing console,” he added.

The DFC series is standard among the world’s premier motion picture facilities, including Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and Skywalker. Halo’s head of film David Turner said: “A great many films want to either mix entirely ‘in-the-box’, or work in a hybrid fashion, whereby certain elements are mixed using the much beloved DFC.”

“With S6 integration, we now have a solution that is both progressive and ergonomic. Investing in upgrades that streamline the Dolby Atmos production workflow are of clear benefit to us across the business as a whole, not just for film.”

The integration of the S6 into the DFC surface comes thanks to a custom retrofit, designed and installed by Glenn Haddock at Frozen Fish Design. Johnathan Rush explains that “having the S6 integrated into the DFC frame means the listening position is not in any way compromised, and the ergonomics are vastly improved”.

Haddock explained: “Using our innovative hybrid integration system designed for the DFC Gemini frame, we reconfigured, stretched, and manipulated the existing design to work with the DFC1. The reconfiguring process enabled the S6 power supplies, network switch and cabling to fit neatly into the DFC baskets. The end result is a seamless hybrid solution.”