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Sommer Cable Cardinal DVM120 Series

Audio tool range

What is it?A range of seven audio tools for live and studio applications.DetailsMarketed by Sommer under the Cardinal DVM brand, the seven devices are all housed in rugged 3mm steel enclosures with recessed front and rear panels. The DVM-120 TDI tube direct box features a high-quality buffered valve stage, standard ¼” jack input connection and balanced, electrically-isolated, low impedance output via a Lundahl transformer from the rear-panel XLR socket. A ground-lift switch is also included. The DVM-120 DDI is a dual direct box offering “easy and reliable” matching of medium and high-impedance sources to mic inputs. Again, Lundahl transformers are used, offering 17dB attenuation for high-level inputs and delivering low distortion and a neutral response, even at very low frequencies. The DVM-120 HZDI is a high-impedance version of the dual direct box suitable for connecting ‘demanding’ sources to microphone inputs.A Lundahl transformer is again incorporated in the DVM-120 DLI dual line box developed for applications such as electrical isolation of active PA components or high-level sources. The unit accepts inputs via both ¼” jack and XLR sockets, with both channels equipped with separate ground lift switches. The DVM-120 SPS and DVM-120 SPR are intended for remote-controlled speaker selection and remote monitor control, respectively. The dual-channel circuitry is designed to connect two speaker pairs with one monitoring output. Switching of line-level signals (before active speakers or power amplifiers) is carried out in the balanced signal path using high-quality signal relays. The DVM-120 SPR also incorporates an incremental rotary level control in conjunction with a display offering an accurate dB readout.Finally, the DVM-120 HPA is a dual-channel headphones amp incorporating XLR inputs, level and EQ controls. An auxiliary input is equipped with a jack/XLR combi socket signals from which can be mixed to the main signal using a dedicated control. A stereo/mono selector switch is also included. In stereo mode, the sub/pan control is used for setting the main signal balance; in mono mode, the Aux and Sub inputs are mixed with the main signal path via individual controls – effectively turning the device into a compact, 3-channel mixer. And another thing…Each one of the DVM units includes a built-in power supply operating on voltages between 90V and 240V and employing locking IEC power cords for added reliability.