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Sommer Cable Hicon HI-J63M, HI-J63S

Slimline jack connectors

What is it?A pair of slimline jack plug connectors designed for professional applications. DetailsRadically slimmer versions of the standard jack connector, the mono HI-J63M and stereo HI-J63S are significantly smaller in diameter to take up less space on patch panels or other connection interfaces. The 6.3mm design is fitted with a transparent code ring allowing users to slide a sticker or paper strip underneath for individual labelling of cables and easy subsequent re-labelling. HICON jack plugs incorpoprate an anti-twist solid pin with a hard gold-plated contact tip, a robust metal housing with a scratch-proof velvet chrome coating plus an “extremely reliable” collet strain relief design intended to prevent damage to the cable and its internal construction.
And another thing…The maximum diameter of cable suitable for use with the plugs is 7.8mm.