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Sonarworks enables personalised sound experiences with SoundID

SoundID uses machine learning optimisation, personal sound preferences and hearing ability

Sonarworks is now on a journey to delivering individually personalised sound experiences for music listeners with its latest product, SoundID, which brings the brand’s headphone calibration technology to a consumer application.

Sonarworks has been studying the consumer sound market and after researching the sound preferences of more than 39,000 participants, Sonarworks found that no more than 17 per cent of users prefer the sound of one particular headphone model.

Based on this research, Sonarworks set out to create a technology that ensures individually perfected sound on any device, using machine learning optimisation for individual devices (over 400 headphone models supported), personal sound preferences, and hearing ability.

Launched at CES in January 2020, SoundID is a personal sound profile defined by an individual’s sound preferences that lets users find the best possible sound within minutes using an app-based test. The app then takes all the components of an individual’s core sound preferences and uses this information to deliver a personalised music experience.

Among the over 39,000 participants who have already completed the preference test, Sonarworks’ ongoing research with SoundID has so far resulted in an over 80 per cent sound preference over the initial headphone sound in blind tests.

The idea is in changing the way listeners enjoy their music, SoundID will help music industry professionals maximise the impact of their work. With this in mind, Sonarworks is now seeking help from industry professionals who would like to participate in its product development efforts by providing additional data and feedback for Sonarworks SoundID. You can provide your data below:

  1. Download the mobile app
  2. Take the test
  3. Get your personal sound profile and rediscover your favorite songs