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Sony Music Entertainment introduces new podcasting venture

Leading the new podcast segment will be renowned podcast developers Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer

Sony Music Entertainment has announced that they will now be making podcasts.

This new venture, which intends to ‘find and develop original podcast talent and programming’, is in collaboration with podcast experts Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer. Davidson and Mayer will the lead the new company from Brooklyn, NYC, with a focus on pushing dynamic talent and unique storytelling to the forefront.

Davidson is the co-founder of NPR’s “Planet Money” and contributor to “This American Life’, and Mayer is a podcast and public radio producer, formerly of Stitcher, Panoply Media, and WNYC, among others.

The new project will involve creating and distributing original scripted and unscripted programming across multiple podcast genres and subject matters. 

Davidson and Mayer jointly stated: “It is a thrilling time to be in podcasting with major media and tech companies paying increasing attention to the industry as it quickly grows. Sony Music so impressed us with their focus on supporting artists and the creative process. They understand what it takes to attract the best people and create the conditions where they can do their best work.”

Rob Stringer, CEO, Sony Music Entertainment said: “Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer are acclaimed, visionary journalists and leaders in the podcasting industry and they share our creator-first approach to content development. We want to enhance opportunities for talented storytellers in this rapidly evolving audio entertainment segment. This partnership will help creators grow their brands and share their work with global audiences across a variety of services and platforms.”

This strategic move from Sony Music comes at a time when there are more than half a million active podcast shows in existence, and according to Edison Research, the number of Americans spending time listening to podcasts has more than doubled over the last four years.