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Quested Monitoring UK supercentres confirmed for Liverpool and London

Quested supercentres have access to the full range of Quested Monitoring Systems products and can arrange demonstrations to assist with setup

Sound Network has secured two Quested Monitoring Systems supercentres after joining the AV equipment supplier as a distributor late last year.

Quested supercentres have access to the full range of Quested Monitoring Systems products and can arrange demonstrations to assist with setup.

Liverpool-based Studiocare Professional Audio Ltd is based in Liverpool and has the Quested S and V-range studio monitors on demo in their showroom.

“I have known about Quested for years and have always been a big fan. The products have great build construction and sound fantastic, plus, they’re built here in the UK and it’s good to support British manufacturing,” commented Rick Whalley, Studiocare’s sales director. “We are very happy to become a supercentre and it’s always good to hold sales and demonstration stock to give our customers choices of the finest products the industry has to offer.”

Red Dog Music London is a pro audio store in Clapham, London, and has a fully kitted out monitor demo room with Quested S and V-series monitors on site and access to the larger models at very short notice.

“We moved in to our new premises last year and Quested Monitors have just put the finishing touches on our new listening room,” says Mike Fletcher, associate director at Red Dog Music who oversees the London branch. “We’re big fans of Hans Zimmer’s work and if they’re good enough for him, we simply had to have them. It’s great to have really true, unprocessed monitors to switch back to and it’s always good to know you’ve got the support of a long-standing British company to work with.”

“Having the commitment and the support of the supercentres is so important,” says Quested director, Stuart Down. “Giving customers the opportunity to evaluate our products alongside one another not only gives a real chance to hear the overall consistency and family sound between the monitors, but to also appreciate the subtle differences between the ranges.

“The supercentres also offer another vital tool; the ability to demo products alongside other monitor brands. It is really important to be able to A/B monitors to allow customers to make a truly informed decision. This is only possible with the investment these Super Centres make, not only in the products, but also through the support of the staff and facilities they offer.”