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Russia’s Sound Technology scouts sound for SPY Moscow

Concert sound system Voice Acoustic Subsat set 10 exp in the frame

Russian pro-audio sales operation Sound Technology (NOT to be confused with the UK outfit!) has selected and installed sound equipment into a new restaurant called SPY Moscow in the capital.

The audio signal was set up so it can be sent from any source at the same time by audio matrix from the restaurants zones, which include bathrooms, entrance hall, concert hall, dining room and and lounge.

Concert sound system Voice Acoustic Subsat set 10 exp has been specified and includes 2x Subhorn-115 passive subwoofers, 2x passive Modular-10 and Voice Acoustic HDSP 3A amplifiers.

For background sound in the entrance hall, Sound Technology installed Alea 4 alongside six ceiling-mounted acoustic systems, and subwoofer Paveosub-112, located behind the bar.

In the dining room, Voice Acoustic La-Stick 4×4 set was used as it wasn’t possible to install ceiling speaker systems because of the lack of height.