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Soundcraft ViSi Remote

iPad Vi/Si console control app

What is it? An iOS application offering wireless remote control of Soundcraft Vi, Si Compact, Si Performer and Si Expression mixing consoles from an iPad. Details ViSi Remote relies on Harman HiQnet for connection of a network of consoles to a wireless router through which communication with the iPad is carried out. With version 2.0 comes the ability for Si Compact, Performer and Expression users to adjust channel strip settings per channel – including control over gating, compression and EQ along with panning, L-R/mono routing and phase invertion. (This functionality is to be added to Vi consoles in a future update.) Control over channel EQ can be performed using a ‘grabable’ parametric EQ curve and there’s now also the addition of a high-pass filter. A stereo channel indicator has also been added together with facilities for mixing to an FX bus. And another thing… While recognising the growing use of Android-based tablets, Soundcraft has confirmed that it has no current plans to develop an Android version of ViSi Remote – or indeed, any non-iOS applications.