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SSL D24 Duality takes residence at University Of York

The University of York has upgraded its music department with the installation of a Solid State Logic D24 Duality δelta hybrid SuperAnalogue console in its new Trevor Jones Studio.

The Studio will support the university’s new BA degree in Music and Sound Recording, the existing MA in Music Production, and the recording and research activities of the Department of Music as a whole.

“We try and strike a good balance between the arts side and the technical side on these courses,” explained Ben Eyes, studio manager and sound engineer at the facility, and PhD student. “It’s a fantastic education in audio production looking at aesthetics, musicology in production, software programming, recording, mixing, mastering, and more.”

The studio is also utilised for specialist performance and composition students in the wider music department. Dr Jez Wells, programme leader for the MA course and undergraduate course teacher, added: “We have a lot of composers and performers in our department. They are doing our BA and MA Music courses, so they can be recorded by our sound recording and production people.”

For both Eyes and Wells, the console marks a significant move for the university and the opportunities it will open up for its students. It is already inhuge demand for the production courses and for performance and composition students, enabling them to turn around portfolio work and providing a hub for research projects, particularly in surround sound.

“We chose SSL for lots of reasons,” Wells concluded. “We didn’t just choose the biggest name – we chose SSL because of its high-quality signal paths, and straight forward and intuitive mixing consoles. It’s a combination of great integration with workstations and an analogue signal flow with a full complement of processing tools in every channel.”