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Stagetec launches Polaris Touch console, Dante interface

At this years Prolight + Sound Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup introduced the Polaris Touch mixing console with touch-sensitive control surface, and XDIP, a new Dante interface board for its Nexus network system.

At this years Prolight + Sound Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup introduced Polaris Touch – a new mixing console with a modular design and a touch-sensitive control surface. The Polaris Touch user interface is based on a single multifunctional panel equipped with a touch sensitive display and 16 physical rotary encoders. Used horizontally, it acts as control surface for direct access to the channel strips. Positioned upright, it is the meterbridge. There are no physical controls, apart from the encoders, and each panel can be configured freely without being limited to a specific functionality. Because each panel acts as an independent module equipped with its own CPU, units can be combined to create a mixer of any size. For users who prefer a more classic interface, a module with physical faders is available as an option (pictured). The console’s gesture control of channel parameters displays only information that is relevant in the current context. For example, if the user adjusts an equalizer, the surface displays only EQ parameters, while non EQ-related information is hidden. Polaris Touch is integrated with Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Control, enabling the desk to address playback devices, lighting control, intercom systems, DAWs or stage-management functions. In related Stagetec news, the company introduced XDIP, a new interface board for its Nexus network system. The XDIP allows Nexus to connect to networks running Audinate’s Dante. The XDIP module supports up to 64 bidirectional audio channels with different sampling rates. It is fully compatible with Dante’s unique plug and play network integration with automatic device discovery and system configuration.