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Stocking filler: GPO Jam retro turntable

The Jam, which features a USB connection for needledropping to PC, "reignites the mods and rockers culture of the 1960s"


Well, not really. But London’s Christmas lights are up, the Tesco down the road is playing festive music and the NewBay Media office has already decided on a theme for the Christmas party, so our hands have been forced. Yes, we’ve conceded defeat, so in honour of the not-quite-beginning of December, let’s kick off PSNEurope‘s annual Christmas gift guide!

First up is the nifty Jam turntable, a “retro record player” with a built-in speaker and USB connection, by GPO.

According to the company, the Jam “reignit[es] the mods and rockers culture of the 1960s”, describing it as “a must for any true music fan who headed down to London’s West End in the ’60s and appreciates the cool vibe of this great British era”.

Also available from GPO are a selection of other retro turntables, radios and telephones.

Here’s the full product spec:

  • Unique union jack print
  • Record to PC through USB cable
  • Three speeds: 33, 45 and 78 rpm
  • Ceramic pick up and auto-stop tonearm
  • RCA line-out for audio amplifier
  • USB connection to enables recording with PC
  • Built-in RIAA equaliser
  • Transparent plastic dust cover
  • 11″ plate size
  • Built-in 2 x 0.8W speakers