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The Studios That Became A Legend: Abbey Road Studios offers rare tour

The studio tour sessions will run from August 8-18, 2019, and tickets went on sale on Friday, April 12

Abbey Road Studios is opening its doors to offer a rare opportunity to studio fanatics and Beatles fans, sessions running from August 8-18 and the tour entitled: ‘The Studios That Became A Legend’.

This tour, of the studio that is usually closed to the public, will kick off 50 years after the release of The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ album and the day the band took their iconic zebra-walk photograph, on August 8.

Guests will have a chance to see the Studio Two Echo Chamber as well as the Control Room and lectures.

Musician and music producer Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan will explore the studios’ legacy of innovation from the patenting of stereo to the invention of numerous recording techniques used across the globe today. Both Kehew and Ryan co-authored the book Recording The Beatles: The Studio Equipment and Techniques Used To Create Their Classic Albums, which took 15 years to research and write.

They’ll also cover the studios’ experience in film scoring and demonstrate how they’ve been used to record some notable films, including Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings trilogy, the Harry Potter films, The Hobbit movies and more recently Black Panther.

You can purchase tickets here.