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Custom Amadeus monitors for Paris’ Studios de la Chine

Studios de la Chine's custom monitors feature TAD/ATC/Beryllium dome tweeters designed by Amadeus' Michel Deluc. The studio is home to France's only SSL 9072 J console.

Paris’ Studios de la Chine – home to France’s only SSL 9072 J console – has installed a custom pair of Amadeus speakers inside its main control room. “It took us a long time and lots of experimentation to find the perfect cconstruction technique, which is extremely complex, and results from the combination of the materials used and the skills of the craftsmen at Amadeus,” said Amadeus’ Michel Deluc, who designed the loudspeakers. “Each custom studio monitor is built around a unique internal reinforcement structure, designed to neutralize any ‘standing waves’ and to suppress energy loss caused by vibrations. Each speaker’s multi-layer panels combine a subtle blend of woods, high-density bitumen, ‘elastomers’ (polymers) and mineral fillers.” The monitors feature one 1-inch dome tweeter made of a 99% pure beryllium diaphragm, one 3-inch ATC soft dome mid-range driver and one 15-inch low-frequency TAD direct radiating woofer. “The speaker’s frequency response ranges from 28–30,000 Hz,” said Deluc. “This 3-way monitoring system is driven by a proprietary tri-amped power amplifier section, which uses a high efficiency, full resonance, switched-mode power supply. The amplifier includes a built-in DSP module, with digital filtering functions such as system EQ, time alignment between HF and LF sections, limiter parameters, thermal protection of the transducers, and more.” Leonard RaponiI, record producer, arranger and music conductor added: “A few months ago, I discovered the Studios de la Chine recording and mixing studios, equipped with Amadeus custom studio monitors. I recorded a few projects recently that reconcile my way of thinking with huge studio monitors, usually flattering and tiring. The Amadeus custom speaker system at Studios de la Chine offer a magnificent sonic definition that allows me to perceive micro-details and a real tonal accuracy, across the bandwidth, even below 70 dB. These custom monitors are really sweet and enjoyable, regardless the music genres. Amazing, Amadeus!”