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Miloco’s mastering revolution

Miloco has added a third top-end studio Revolution Mastering to its recently launched portfolio of mastering rooms

Revolution Mastering is a world class facility owned by renowned mastering engineer Nick Bennett, who is also its head engineer; and Miloco will now be booking sessions at the studio alongside him. Revolution insists that its methodical approach to the art of mastering gets the best out of its clients’ recordings as well as maximising the music’s potential, enabling it to connect with the widest possible audience. Revolution has one of the quietest monitoring rooms in the UK and was custom designed by Munro Associates to provide the best possible acoustics, which Revolution believes will allow its engineers to evaluate the audio in the most precise environment; and Bennett himself has ten-years of mastering experience at the highest level, which has led to successful working relationships with a wide range of artists and record labels. “It was a case of ‘hit the ground running’ when we opened the doors,” explains Bennett, who set up Revolution in 2009. “But thankfully the settling in period was short; and from day one we were getting exceptional results.” The plethora of gear includes a PCM BB5 Active monitoring system with Bryston amplification, Adam A7 nearfields and a Coloursound Custom transfer console; TC Electronic digital processing; and an array of compressors and limiters including a Manley ‘Variable Mu’ and Massive Passive, an Alan Smart C2, and various Maselec, Klein + Hummel, and Massenburg units. Conversion and clocking is done via a Prism ADA-8 and Benchmark DA1 and AD1s along with an Apogee Big Ben master clock. The studio encourages clients to attend sessions but is sympathetic to the current music business climate therefore is equally happy to accept files for appraisal and mastering unattended.