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Novation debuts new Launchpad Pro

The new Launchpad Pro [MK3] is ideal for producing and performing and allows deeper integration with Ableton Live

Novation has launched the all-new Launchpad Pro [MK3], packing the Ableton Live grid controller into a hardware version and improving on its predecessor.

It’s an instrument

The new Launchpad Pro allows the user to get deeper into Ableton Live workflow, with dedicated controls for clip and scene launching, transport, quantising and duplicating. The grid illuminates as a chromatic keyboard, allowing you to easily play notes, chords and melodies. It can also sense when you’re drumming, swiftly showing your drum rack on the grid.

Additionally, it includes on-device access to Live’s Capture MIDI function for recovering happy accidents, and its Scale and Note Modes ensure everything you play is in key.

With its 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads that are great for live performance, you can create full songs with chain patterns and scenes. Its Probability and Mutation features keep your tracks evolving and sync rate and play order let you perform with your patterns on the fly. In addition, Micro Steps allow your sequences to go off-grid.


Launchpad Pro is also a MIDI sequencer, ideal for music production. Using the Components editor, you can configure it with your plugins and hardware gear, then switch between eight Custom Modes. It features MIDI In, Out 1 and Out 2/Thru ports.

Launchpad Pro ships with a production bundle that includes Ableton Live Lite, plugins from XLN, Softube, Klevgrand and AAS, plus a free two-month Splice Sounds subscription and membership of Sound Collective, Novation’s ongoing programme of free plugin sharing.

Novation’s new Easy Start Tool gets new users up and running in minutes with the software they need. 

How has it improved upon the last Launchpad Pro?

Its built-in sequencer allows it to control any MIDI synth, sampler or drum machine, and its plethora of features provide deeper integration with Ableton Live than the previous Launchpad. It is more customisable, with eight Custom Modes and the Components editor, and the pads are larger and more expressive.

Furthermore, it is more compact and portable, and it includes a USB-C connector for standalone use.

Record producer Kenny Larkin commented on the new product: “My favorite thing about the new Launchpad Pro? Velocity sensitive pads! They’re amazing with drums, and for controlling the speed of fader movements: hit it soft, and the volume moves up or down slowly. Hit it hard, instant volume change!”