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Pepper Studio invests in SSL

German recording facility Pepper Studio has kitted its rooms out with an SSL AWS 948 and SSL Nucleus.

Munich’s Pepper Studio, part of versatile record label Artists & Acts Music Publishing, is using an SSL AWS 948 console/controller in its Studio A, and an SSL Nucleus in Studio B. The record label covers everything from pop and comedy to rock and folk music and uses the AWS 948 to deal with its fast-paced music and sound design projects for TV, film, games and corporate branding; and the SSL Nucleus is used to achieve operational and sonic consistency. Tobias Wendl, CEO, audio engineer and composer for Pepper Studio, says that due to the studio’s workflow and love for high-end gear, it needed a console that was more than just a controller, which is why he opted for the AWS 948. . “When composing music and mixing for film and corporate audio branding, there are different workflow demands because of the fast production process,” explains Wendl. “We needed a console that allowed us to react very quickly to changes, brought together our outboard gear and gave us control of our DAW systems; the AWS 948 was the perfect choice for us, and it sounds amazing.” Pepper Studio also has Nuendo, Logic and Pro Tools DAW systems and a Studer A80 2-inch 24-track tape machine. According to the facility, the AWS 948 allows for a seamless transition between full analogue recording and capturing to a DAW, giving it more flexibility to accommodate a number of working situations. During film scoring, the composing process on the SSL Nucleus leads to the mixing process on the AWS 948. Media composer at the facility, David Merkl, says for composing original material for films, corporate projects and advertisements, the studio depends on both rooms working together to get through a project as efficiently as possible. “We now can do all our automation inside the DAW, then swap the data to the AWS,” adds Wendl. “Now we have automation without decreasing CPU efficiency. Our clients need a production partner who can react very quickly to changes and the AWS 948 paired with the Nucleus gives us this capability while preserving our high level analogue sound quality.”