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WarnierPosta post-production studio invests in Meyer Sound monitoring

The Amsterdam facility is the latest in a growing number of studios across the globe to incorporate Meyer monitoring.

WarnierPosta of Amsterdam is the latest addition in a growing line of independent audio post-production studios to invest it Meyer Sound’s self-powered monitoring systems. 

Opened at the end of 2017, WarnierPosta’s new Dolby-certified Atmos re-recording room is housed in a 1,100 square meter facility overlooking Amsterdam harbour. The new facility already has credits on a number of notable film productions, including two selections for the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

”As a re-recording mixer I have worked in a number of other studios in Europe with Meyer Sound monitors,” said Peter Warnier, who is also the principal partner of WarnierPosta. ”Every time I mixed on the Meyer Sound systems I noticed the open quality and the tightness of the low end. I also experienced less fatigue when working on them for long periods.’

”Many other studios around the world are now equipped with the Meyer Sound systems and I was looking to have compatibility with these other leading facilities. Also, I’ve found that most of my colleagues want to work on the Meyers.’‘

The Atmos room’s main front screen channels are Acheron 80 loudspeakers, with four HMS-10 loudspeakers expanding the front sound field. The remaining lateral and overhead surrounds are HMS-5 loudspeakers. LFE is delivered by three X-800C subwoofers with two additional X-400C subwoofers for surround bass management. The Meyer Sound systems were supplied by Audio Electronics Mattijsen (AEM) of Duivendrecht.

‘‘There is really no discussion anymore,’‘ added Warnier. ‘‘Everybody wants to mix in here now on the Meyer Sound monitors – though there are other good reasons for mixing here as well!’‘