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Studiomaster’s Horizon 2012 revealed at Prolight + Sound

Studiomaster is exhibiting the new Horizon 2012 at Prolight + Sound 2012 – a 12-input mixer based on the original Horizon series from the 1990s.

Studiomaster has introduced the new Horizon 2012 mixer at Prolight + Sound; a 2,000W powered mixer derived from Class D amplifiers. It is based on the company’s Horizon series mixers of the 1990s. The 12-input mixer can be used free standing or rackmounted. All mic/line input channels feature Studiomaster’s VMS optical compressor, 3-band EQ (with sweepable mid) and a total of four AUX sends. The custom designed twin FX features real studio quality reverbs and delays. A two-channel USB audio interface includes assignable signal source; playback from a computer can be routed to the main mix output, or to a stereo channel giving access to EQ and auxiliaries. The output to the computer can be from the main mix, to record a performance, or from the DSP effect sends to make use of plug-in FX. Each amplifier channel supplies 1,000W into 4 ohms using Class D topology; stable into all loads with temperature and short circuit protection. Three stage amp routing is selectable between normal stereo operation, split function (mix to the left and auxiliary to the right), or monitor only. Stereo 9-band graphic equalisers feed the mix output, which is routed to the amplifiers and the balanced XLR outputs. A second mix 2 output duplicates this signal. Also located here is a switchable two-way 150Hz 18dB/oct crossover. When selected, the main mix only receives frequencies above 150Hz whilst the mix 2 output gets everything below 150HZ – designed for connecting additional subs to a system. An Amp Power switch reduces power in three stages down to 15%, providing high fader resolution in low volume applications.