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Studiomaster XPX Series

Portable PA

What is it? A range of high-performance, ultra-portable PA enclosures available in both active and passive versions. Details The XPX Series is said to be Studiomaster’s most advanced and powerful portable sound reinforcement system to date. The injection-moulded 2-way trapeziodal XPX12 and XPX15 enclosures house 12” and 15” lightweight neodymium LF drivers coupled with 3” and 1.75” HF compression drivers, respectively. The self-powered models feature Class-D bi-amplification with switch-mode power supplies, delivering 500W(LF) + 100W(HF) RMS in both the XPX12A and XPX15A models. The enclosures are said to be exceptionally light and portable despite their power (the larger XPX15A weighing less than 20kgs). Both models feature pole-mounting fixings, M10 hanging points and dual connectors. And another thing… The XPX series line-up is completed by the XPX15SA and XPX18SA active subs housing 15” and 18” drivers (respectively) and heavy-duty class H amplification.