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Swell of support for Save Air Studios campaign

George Michael, Joanna Lumley and Brian May are the latest celebrities objecting to building plans that may force Air to close.

The on-going battle to prevent an “iceberg basement” from being built in close proximity to London’s Air Studios has received additional support from the likes of George Michael, Joanna Lumley and Brian May.

The stars are among a long list of signatories of a letter sent to The Daily Telegraph last week warning that the planning application made by Air neighbours Andrew and Elizabeth Jeffreys “threatens the very existence of a jewel in Europe’s music industry”.

Other signatories include the Music Producer’s Guild, and Air Studios’ founder Sir George Martin.

Central to the controversy is the amount of noise that would be generated by the planned excavation some of which would take place less than a metre away from the studios.

The letter warns that “underground excavations (likely to exceed a year) will bring risks to the Grade II listed building, and will critically affect Air’s need for silence, the prerequisite for such specialised recording. At huge cost, Air is forced to prove the threats to its business. The applicants are unable to prove lack of risk in their plans and their exploratory drilling (an archaeological requirement) has already vividly demonstrated the acoustical risks.”

Plans were first submitted to Camden Council in April of last year, and have already received over 800 letters opposing the works. An online petition has gathered a further 10,000 signatures against the basement expansion.

Strongroom MD Richard Boote, who purchased Air Studios in 2006 comments: “We would like to thank all those who have been at the vanguard of our battle; our supporters that have objected to the planning application and signed the petitions; the local and national press for highlighting the consequences; our team of experts and advisers; the continued commitment patience and dedication of our staff.”

The online petition to save Air Studio can be found at: