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Tannoy VLS Series

Passive column array

What is it?A passive column array speaker system incorporating Tannoy’s Focussed Asymmetrical Shaping Technology (FAST).DetailsBuilding on the success of its flagship QFlex self-powered, steerable array system, the VLS Series takes its place within Tannoy’s ‘architectural audio’ range of column speakers said to combine maximum intelligibility with minimum aesthetic impact. The three VLS models are designed to provide a balance of performance and cost in applications where active beam-steering may neither be required nor affordable. The VLS 7 (7 × 3.5” LF) is designed for speech-only applications while the VLS 15 (7 × 3.5” LF with 8 × 1” HF) and VLS 30 (14 × 3.5” LF and 16 × 1” HF) are both intended for more demanding, full-range applications.The VLS Series is the first Tannoy product to incorporate FAST technology using asymmetrical vertical dispersion and “gently shaping” the acoustic coverage towards the lower quadrant of the vertical axis. The design is based on the concept that in a typical application, the ideal column loudspeaker would be biased in the vertical plane, towards the audience and away from reflective surfaces above which are detrimental to intelligibility. FAST also facilitates quicker, easier installation with less need for tilting or concern for the optimal mounting height. Tannoy has packaged these features into a slender, narrow-profile column incorporating a powder-coated aluminium chassis and curvilinear aluminium grille.And another thing…Each VLS model is available in either black or white as standard, though custom RAL finishes are available at additional cost and lead-time. All enclosurtes are IP64 rated for dust and water ingress and are salt-spray and UV resistant.