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Target Sound adds Outline to its rental portfolio

Chorzów-based Target Sound already has a complete inventory of L-Acoustics products and is ready to add Outline to the mix

Audio rental operation Target Sound has expanded its inventory with a major investment in Outline products, including GTO, C-12, Mantas 28, Superfly, X8 amplifiers and the Newton FPGA processor.

Based in the southern Polish city of Chorzów, Target Sound is one of Poland’s largest full-service production companies, providing lighting, staging, multimedia and audio for a variety of events including conferences, live music, festivals and TV. The company is also an L-Acoustics K1 partner and owns a complete inventory of L-Acoustics products.

Target Sound’s owner Adam Guzdek described his reasons for adding Outline: “We chose to make a large investment in Outline products for several reasons. Their systems are characterised by incredible precision in reproducing sound, with unprecedented SPL – the musicality of each of their products is overwhelming, as we discovered when GTO was presented to us last year. In the mixes of bands that performed, even with very densely arranged songs, there was a place for every detail and every single note.

“The transparency of sound offered by Outline systems puts them among the best audio systems available today, systems that will handle everything from symphonic music to heavy metal and all of them will sound amazing. That’s why we decided to become a GTO rental network partner and to acquire all the major Outline line array systems.

“We are an L-Acoustics K1 partner but we want to expand our business to cover more of the European market, providing audio production services at the highest levels. To do this we needed a breath of fresh air and a second brand able to perform to those international standards. Adding GTO, C-12, Superfly and Mantas 28 expands our choices and capabilities for the very diverse range of music genres and artistic programs we handle.”

During the summer of 2019, Target Sound had already deployed their GTO Series loudspeakers and other Outline to a number of events including the Lucca Summer Festival in Italy.