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Katie Tavini launches initiative for BAME and LGBTQ+ artists

Tavini is mixing an EP a month for free

Photo by Dom Sigalas.

What’s Modulation? Modulation is mastering engineer and PSNEurope columnist Katie Tavini’s new initiative to improve the experiences of and opportunities for BAME and LGBTQ+ artists. The music industry can be cut-throat, with streaming providing negligible profits and competition fiercer than ever. And having to pay to get your music recorded, mixed, mastered and the like is yet another added expense to factor in.

Tavini has been working towards encouraging women into and within the audio profession for a while now, but it struck her that there was support needed in every minority group within the industry. With newfound inspiration, she swiftly proposed to master an EP FOR FREE every month for BAME and LGBTQ+ artists or bands. Talk about new year’s resolutions!

All she asks is you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a BAME or LGBTQ+ artist or part of a band
  • You are unsigned
  • You are not receiving any funding
  • You are working on either your first or second EP

Tavini is offering to master five tracks for free and feedback on your mixes if needed. As for why she’s starting this selfless initiative, Tavini said: “As well as the equality thing, which is currently way off balance, I know how expensive releasing music can be. And so, if throughout 2020 I can help 12 different artists release their work, cutting out the expense of mastering so that they can spend more of their budget on promotion, hopefully, we will see a tiny bit of change. I really believe that change is going to happen with lots of people doing tiny things.”

Tavini will select the winner of the free monthly mastering session on the last day of each month.

An exclusive interview with Tavini on this new project will be in PSNEurope’s February issue. To receive the digital and/or print issue, you can subscribe here.